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Am I A Teacher?

I just started a new nursing gig: I am a clinical instructor in a vocational nursing program. I’m a little stunned with my new title, because I never thought I’d be a teacher.

For years, various people have told me that I should teach. I pooh-poohed the idea at every turn. What, me? A teacher? Nah, I can’t do that. I’m too anti-establishment, too much of a wild-child and rule breaker. With my personality, I don’t know if I can successfully lead others towards their career and academic goals.

You know what? I was wrong.

I really like teaching. I like seeing the look on a student nurse’s face when she goes from I-don’t-get-it-and-I’m-a-deer-in-headlights to Ah, now this is starting to make sense. That is a truly inspiring moment for me, and I want more. I am helping these students achieve their goals, and it’s cool being a part of that.

Who knew? I am a teacher.

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